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Durable fiberglass distribution boards from NOARK


In case you are looking for heavy duty electric distribution board, the right solution is offered by electrical specialist NOARK. Newly introduced fiberglass distribution boards FHS series are designed for the most demanding indoor and outdoor conditions. Just take only one in your hands and you can be sure that it will last forever under almost any circumstances.

Two series of new energy meters by NOARK

The Ex9EM (basic) and Ex9EMS (smart) one and three phase meters was designed for residential and industrial applications, everywhere where it is needed to count consumed energy. The biggest advantage is mounting on DIN rails inside consumer units.


NOARK launches new revised Product Catalogues


We are delighted to introduce our new product catalogues featuring the complete product range we offer - including the newest products we launched this year. 

Carlos’ Erasmus+ journey: From Spain to the heart of Europe


They say that life won’t be the same after Erasmus+ and in Carlos’ case, this was definitely a life-changing experience. Keep reading if you want to know more about his story.

Noark Electric Running challenge


"My runs help me do my job better because they help clear my mind, making me feel ready to conquer my to-do list and get everything I want to be accomplished."

Official pricelist


Please contact your sales representative for the official price list of NOARK Electric Europe s.r.o. with based offer prices.

Change in warehouse management

15.06.2017 - 15.06.2017

We upgrade and enlarge the warehouse for you.

New products in Noark assortment.


Noark added Fuse Holders Ex9F in to its offer range.

New catalogue: Photovoltaic

29.08.2016 - 29.08.2016

Catalogue can be found on the websites of the relevant products or downloaded on link below.